Ballet Boots

Tight Fitting Latex Catsuit With Heels

Ballet boots are the ultimate in high heels fashion and clothing. Forcing the wearer to stand on the tips of the toes almost in the En pointe ballet position but with the aid of the 7" or longer high heels. When standing upright in ballet boots the foot is positioned almost vertically putting most of the body's weight onto the toes. This will require the wearer to have strong supple legs to avoid injury. Available in a variety of styles, commonly ankle-high, knee-high or thigh-high. The heel height is normally at least 7" and this will increase depending the foot size of the shoe. The heel needs to be long enough to enable the foot to be fully extended in the boot to acquire the desired En point deportment.

Normally laced to the front with strong leather or cord laces so they can be pulled as tight a possible. The thigh high boots and sometimes also the knee high boots may come with zip fastenings to aid in removal. The materials used to make ballet boots are most commonly latex or leather.

Ballet HeelsBallet boots are not generally designed to be worn for long periods of time and are not normally found in high street shoe shops. Besides the understandable discomfort and even pain beginners will experience, it can be very difficult if not near imposable to stand never mind walk in them. If you are going to be wearing ballet heels for the first time we strongly recommend you read our Guide To Wearing Ballet Boots.

When buying a pair of ballet boots it is better to pick out a pair that are particularly rigid. This will make it almost impossible to move the foot out of the desired En pointe position which will help you develop your modus operandi far more quickly.